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As Anne Brontë wrote, “The ties that bind us to life are tougher than you imagine.” Bobby and Ally are a husband and wife Americana folk duo from New Hampshire. The pair have been Songwriting and Performing together since 1984. The duo have performed from New England to Nashville. Bobby and Ally combine a blend of traditional folk, and Country/Rock with a strong emphasis on vocal harmonies. Their songs are a testament to their longevity. 
When & Where did you meet? We met in 1983 when I was the shift supervisor at a local Family restaurant, and Ally was a waitress at that restaurant. 
Was it Love at first site? No. LOL. Ally and I didn't hit it off at first site. I grew on her. Kinda like mold lol. We worked together for a couple of months, and I finally got up the nerve to ask her out on a date. My timing wasn't the best as I asked her out on April Fools Day, and because I was a jokester, Ally thought I was pranking her. After a couple hours of begging, she agreed to go out on a date with me. The rest is, as they say, History. 
Do you have Children? Yes. Ally & I have two sons, a daughter, and four grand daughters. 
Where do you record your music? Ally and I have a modest home recording studio. This is where we write, and record our songs. Having our own Studio allows us the opportunity to flesh out our songs without worrying about being on the clock in a commercial studio. 
More Q&A to come.